24 Hours In Zürich With Mats Klingberg

18 November 2021

 After spending just a few hours in Zürich's leafy Seefeld district, it's clear why this was the obvious choice of location for Trunk to open a new store in the spring of 2018. Life seems to slow a little as a mixture of both local residents and destination shoppers stop by to browse the in-store offering and grab a coffee from the neighbouring Monocle Café. However, it is not only Dufourstrasse 90 that makes it a worthy destination, Seefeld and the surrounding area have a lot to offer its visitors. From the nearby Lake Zürich, which remains serene whilst being a focal point of the city, to an exciting mixture of restaurants and bars, some new and others rich with history.

When it comes to recommendations of where to go and what to do who better to ask than our director and founder Mats Klingberg, who happens to call Zürich home. On a recent visit to the city, we caught up with Mats to find out some of his favourite locations and get an insight into Zürich's best spots from our very own local.

The Monocle Café

Where better to start than the aforementioned Monocle Café, which we are lucky enough to have right next door to our Trunk store. Mats explains that this has been a key factor in making it an exciting destination in the Seefeld district, 'together with our neighbour and dear sister company Monocle Café and shop, Dufourstrasse 90 has become a great place to meet up for some shopping, a coffee and a Swedish bun, their nice Japanese curry for lunch or an end of day drink with friends.'

True to form, the Monocle Café covers all bases from morning coffee to evening drinks, as well as a global offering of books and magazines, and its own retail space with a curated selection of home furnishings, fragrances and clothing.

Monocle Shop and Café, Dufourstrasse 90, 8008 Zürich

Lake Zürich

Walking for a few minutes from the store we found ourselves on the shores of Lake Zürich, the impressive glacial lake on which, at the western edge, the city is situated. It is no surprise then that the lake is a huge part of life in Zürich for those who live and work close by.

Mats is no exception, explaining why it is such a draw for those who occupy the city, 'the lake is one of the key reasons I like Zürich so much. Just around the corner from Trunk, it is great for a brief getaway at any time of the year, for a bit of calm. During the summer months, I'll go for dips basically every day before and after work, and sometimes also for lunch. You can go in basically anywhere, as long as you can figure out how to get out again.'

Kunsthaus Bar

Moving into the city, Mats guides us to Heimplatz, a nice yet underestimated area that is home to a new spot that has recently opened its doors, the Kunsthaus Bar. 'Part of the new Kunsthaus designed by David Chipperfield the bar is a great new addition to all the places to visit when you're in Zürich.' Mats tells us excitedly as we enter through the plush green velvet curtains that separate the bar from the square, 'it is a beautiful space with equally good drinks and things to eat'. He is not wrong, the high ceilings and marble floors give the space a grandeur that is complemented by minimal furnishings and impressive artwork. It is certainly an exciting addition to the rich hospitality scene that is already on offer

Kunsthaus Bar, Heimpl. 5, 8001 Zürich

Larkin Erdmann Gallery 

Around the corner from the Kunsthaus is our next stop the Larkin Erdmann Gallery, another new addition to the area the gallery made its home here in the spring. Friend of Trunk, Larkin Erdmann studied as an art historian and worked between London and Zürich before founding the gallery in 2014. Focusing on a small group of predominantly Post-War artists, the gallery's comprehensive exhibition programme is curated by working closely with its respective artist’s foundations, estates and families. With a lot to offer dealers and enthusiasts alike, the gallery is complete with a small, well-stocked bar, which, Mats points out, makes the space complete.

Larkin Erdmann Gallery, Rämistrasse 30, 8001 Zürich

The Kronenhalle Bar & Restaurant

The final destination on our list is the bar and restaurant Kronenhalle. Rich in history, Kronenhalle began as a hub for artists in the mid-20s and remains today a popular spot for lovers of art, literature and music. Its appeal is only heightened by the extensive collection of artwork that hangs in the bar and restaurant, customers can dine and drink in the presence of original pieces by Marc Chagall, Joan Miró or Pierre Bonnard.

"The Kronenhalle bar is still as relevant as it was when it first opened back in 1924. I love coming here just as much as the likes of James Joyce, Coco Chanel, Yves Saint Laurent and Marc Chagall did back in the early years." If previous patrons are anything to go by, you're certainly in good company when visiting for a drink or bite to eat.

Kronenhalle Bar & Restaurant, Rämistrasse 4, 8001 Zürich

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